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Excel Hyperlinks Keep Changing

October 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I recently had this problem at work where all the hyper links in an Excel document kept changing. All by themselves! The Excel Workbook had lots of hyper links to files on a network drive. The network drive letter would be replaced with lots of ‘../’ (“../../../../../../”). I couldn’t recreate what caused the problem, but I have found a solution.

To fix it you need to change the ‘hyperlink base’. It just needs to be changed to something that never changes, e.g. C:\ (that’s what I used). The hyperlink base can be found in the following locations.

Office 2003:
File> Properties> Summary Tab> Hyperlink Base

Office 2007:
Office button> Prepare> Properties> Document Properties drop down> Advanced Properties> Summary> Hyperlink Base

Another way of adding links in Excel that will never be changed is to use the =hyperlink() Excel function (e.g. =hyperlink(“file:////c:\file.txt”,”Link Text”).

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