Peaceful Sunset, Aberavon

June 20th, 2012 No comments

Peaceful Sunset, Aberavon

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Pennard, Gower

June 5th, 2012 No comments

Pennard, Gower

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Photography Exhibition

June 3rd, 2012 No comments

Me and my father-in-law are doing a photography exhibition throughout the month of June in the Kenfig National Nature Reserve near Kenfig Pool.

If you would like to see some of our work, please head down there to check it out. It’s open 9am-5pm daily.

Map is here.

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Pennard Sunset 2

January 20th, 2012 No comments


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Pennard Sunset

January 11th, 2012 No comments

Pennard Sunset

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Aberavon Sunset

June 10th, 2011 3 comments

Aberavon Sunset

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Snow Cow

December 19th, 2010 No comments

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Outlook with Goldmine Plugin: Data Error

December 15th, 2010 No comments

If you’re getting the following error message in Outlook, and you have the Goldmine plugin installed, it’s probably the plugin that’s causing it:

Unable to convert ‘System.String’ to ‘System.Int32’

This error occurs when the Goldmine plugin attempts to display invalid data in the Goldnine pane in Outlook. The invalid data could be Null values stored as units or amounts in forecasted sales. You can;

  1. Check for null values for units or amount in forecasted sales: NUMBER1, NUMBER2 fields in CAL table, where RECTYPE = ‘S’
  2. Manually cleanse data by changing the nulls to zeros.


  1. Turn off display of Forecasted Sales in Outlook. Go to Setup GoldMine Plus, Options, uncheck Show Forecasted Sales.


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Word file missing pictures; Edit links

December 1st, 2010 3 comments

Received a Word file and all the pictures are missing? Could well be because the images were linked and not embedded in the document. The creator of the file will need to edit the links and save the pictures in the file. It’s easy:

Word 2007:

Click the Office button and select Prepare > Edit Links to Files. Then for each link (you can select them all using the Shift key), check the box ‘Save picture in document’. Do a ‘Save As’ and it’s done.

Word 2010:

Click File. In the Properties section on right of the file menu pop up there should be a button near the bottom that says ‘Edit Links to Files’, click the button. Then for each link (you can select them all using the Shift key), check the box ‘Save picture in document’. Do a ‘Save As’ and it’s done.

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The Birds

November 18th, 2010 No comments

Taken at Porthcawl, South Wales.

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